Jakob Højgaard

Technologist, Director, Software engineer


I am a Danish technologist, director, full stack software engineer and architect with more than 17 years of experience in the industry. I manage high performing teams, I do web, security cross-platform mobile development and everything in-between. I am known to be a person who challenges the well-known with a positive mind, both when it comes to building solutions, improving the development process and choosing platform, language or technology. I am inspired by functional programming languages, which is reflected in my approach to programming and I strive to become a polyglot developer. Privately I am a father of two boys and a girl and married to a sociologist doing UX Research. We live in Brisbane but are often found hanging out on the local beaches trying to surf and play with our kids.


KMD Australia

2018 - present Managing Director

As MD I was responsible for establishing the entity in Australia, setting up a team of 8 highly talented developers and architects and running the day to day business.

Technology Director

As technology director in the R&D division was responsible for delivering the next generation platform for public data management in KMD. I had the overall responsibility for architecting, developing and running the platform and I did this by setting up a global team of 40 developers, architects and DevOps engineers in Australia, India, Poland and Denmark.


2016 - 2018 Senior Consultant

As senior consultant I worked on a variety of projects with an equal variety of technology. From solving hard isolated technical problems to managing a long running project with up to 10 members including subcontractors. Our customers spanned enterprise customers to smaller independent companies to state and local government.

App development

I have been responsible for architecting and developing mobile apps for our customers, using technologies like Xamarin, Cordova and Ionic.


I have been responsible for developing login and login federation solutions, using technologies like OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML and different flavours of 2 factor authentication.

Cloud deployment

I have been responsible for developing the backend systems to support web applications and mobile applications. Most of these have been deployed to cloud environments like Azure and AWS and utilizing technologies like Service busses, Queues and Storage

Schultz A/S

2013 - 2016 Software Engineer & Architect

My responsibilities have been very diverse. Spanning from large public self-service sites to mobile apps and most recently a case management system built on top of Microsoft CRM. Since the summer of 2014 I have also been team manager for 5 developers and since the beginning of 2015 I have also acted as PO and architect for an internal project aimed at improving the common components and infrastructure, we build our products on.


A case management solution for public job centres in the municipalities in Denmark. The application integrates with a large number of public registers and infrastructure elements. It is built on top of Microsoft CRM and has a large integration engine written in C# along with it. After 1,5 years in production, I joined the development team as a software architect, responsible for eradicating a large amount of technical debt. My initial focus was to improve testability and maintainability and to identify the most business-critical design flaws.

Byg og Miljø

A self-service system for handing in building applications, owned by the municipalities in Denmark. The application is written in C# using ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Entity Framework with SQL Server as persistence layer. I contributed in all areas from rest interfaces, Soap interfaces and user interface to authentication with SAML.


A SAML library for connecting to the Danish login federation Nemlog-in. The Library has both a .net implementation as well as a Java one and is maintained on the Danish Open Source site “Softwarebørsen”. I have contributed feature updates, bug fixes as well as done code reviews.


An app with the purpose of guiding the Danish youth on which education to apply for. It is written for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in C# using Xamarin and MvvmCross. I architected the app, developed key parts of the app and supervised 3 other colleges.


The official app for The University of Copenhagen. The app is built to customize the content based on the user’s association to the university. The app is written in C# with Xamarin and MvvmCross and is available for iOS and Android. I did the initial architectural design of the app and developed key parts.


2011 - 2013 Advanced Developer

During my entire employment at NNIT I worked on the same product, a federated login solution for the government in Denmark.

Nemlog-in - provides single sign-on for all Danish citizens when interacting with any public institutions. The solution is build around Microsoft ADFS in C# with a lot of supporting services for administration and federation subscription. My main responsibilities were - Design and implementation of components, security assessments of other parts of the code base and build and deployment of the solution.

Oticon A/S

2011 - 2011 Lead Developer

Genie - a large Windows application for fitting hearing instruments. The application is written in C# and is very processor heavy. As lead developer I was responsible for design and development and review of core communication, simulation and transformation components within the fitting application.

2005 - 2011

Software Developer

Genie - my areas of expertise were mainly around communication between hearing instrument and computer, data modelling, data persisting, optimization of performance and parallelization of program flow.

Development tools - during the development of the fitting application as well as for development of the hearing instruments themselves, I developed and implemented various development tools. These tools ranged from small commandline tools for test automation to implementation and migration to TFS.

GN Otometrics A/S

2003 - 2005 Software Developer

Auditbase - an office Management System for supporting hearing care professionals in hearing clinics in the UK and Scandinavia. The application also integrates with other hospital systems through the HL7 protocol. I worked as a developer on the application written in Centura/Gupta with SQLBase as backend. I was also responsible for the HL7 integration.


2010 - 2013 IT University of Copenhagen - Master IT. Software Construction

My masters project sought to build a provable secure single sign-on using mathematical reasoning and value-dependent types incorporated in the programming language. I proved this feasible using the F* language from Microsoft Research using the Danish login federation as a case.

2000 - 2003 University of Southern Denmark, Odense - BSc. Computer Engineer


Platforms, frameworks and technologies

ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework NHibernate
Xamarin Android iOS
Ionic / Cordova SAML WIF
OAuth 2 OpenID Connect  

Programming languages

C# Java JavaScript
TypeScript C++ F#
SQL Ruby MatLab

Cloud and orchestration

Azure DigitalOcean AWS
Docker Kubernetes  


Agile Scrum Kanban

Development tools

Git Visual Studio TFS
Jenkins Octopus Deploy Eclipse



2011 - 2015

Chairman of the housing coop where I live

Administration and maintenance of the housing coop in Copenhagen where I live with my family.

Gymnastics coach

2003 - 2006 Coaching women’s team gymnastics

Coaching women’s team gymnastics and participating in national and European championships.


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